It looks increasingly likely AMD is planning to rebrand its upcoming Fiji GPU as Radeon Fury. The move pits the AMD Fury against Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan series as the ultimate performance enthusiast’s choice.

From an AMD point of view it certainly makes sense, and it helps its HBM-powered Fji graphics card stand apart from the pack. It has previous along these lines also, with its Athlon 64 FX representing flagship CPU branding back in the day.

Delving a little deeper into AMD’s history, the term Fury also has some significance. Back when AMD’s graphics division was an independent company called ATI, the first ever top of the line graphics processors it put out were part of the ATI Rage Fury range.

It’s aggressive naming from what should hopefully be an aggressive product. Leaked specifications hint we’ll be looking at 4GB high bandwidth memory with a total memory bandwidth of over 500GB/s, alongside a whopping 4,092 cores.

Nvidia’s attempting to dampen the Radeon Fury’s appeal somewhat with the launch of its GeForce GTX 980 Ti, but at the expected $800 pricing it could have its work cut out. We'll hopefully be finding out all the details and performance capabilities soon enough, with Nvidia launching the Ti next week and AMD reportedly planning an E3 unveiling for the Fury.