What looks to be rumoured pricing for AMD’s upcoming Radeon R300 series has surfaced, indicating this expected refresh could cost a fair chunk more than than the graphics cards they are replacing.

All the signs so far have suggested the Radeon 300 series will be a complete refresh of the 200 series graphics cards, albeit with, hopefully, some minor clock speed bumps. The Radeon Fury and Radeon Fury X cards meanwhile will be an entirely new family, based off the new Fiji XT and Fiji Pro GPU cores.

Graphics CardGPUExpected Price
Radeon R9 390X 8GBGrenada$499
Radeon R9 390 8GBGrenada$419
Radeon R9 380 4GBTonga $279
Radeon R9 380 2GBTonga$249
Radeon R7 370 4GBCuracao/Pitcairn$209
Radeon R7 370 2GBCuracao/Pitcairn$179
Radeon R7 360 2GBBonaire$139

There's quite a bump in price here, which AMD is going to need to match with a performance increase. The R9 290X can be had for as little as $330 now, a full $170 cheaper than the asking price for the R9 390X, but you are getting a doubling of VRAM up to 8GB. The 390 meanwhile can be had for $100 cheaper than $419 if you look around. The Tonga chip is a refresh of the core used in the R9 285, and it's set to be available in two variants - 2GB and 4GB.

The price point of the R9 390X puts it squarely in line with the GeForce GTX 980, while the GTX 970 is available for a price right in between the R9 380 4GB and the R9 390 8GB. 

If these prices are correct then all eyes are going to be on AMD's Fury and Fury X cards. These flagship models are expected to go toe-to-toe with the GTX 980 Ti and the Titan X, but a higher price point could prove crippling for AMD. 

What do you make of this rumoured pricing? Is AMD shooting a little high with these prices or you expecting a decent performance bump?