E3 2015 - Microsoft Press Conference Live Video Feed And Updates

Written by Jon Sutton on Mon, Jun 15, 2015 7:00 PM
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After the undisputed success of Bethesda's press conference last night, next up it's Microsoft, going live today, June 15, at 9:30AM PT / 12:30PM ET / 5:30PM BST. Microsoft had a tough E3 a couple of years back, but it's recovered immeasurably since then, and it goes into E3 this year with the knowledge a knockout performance could gain vital ground on Sony's PlayStation 4.

What will be great to see is just how Microsoft uses its time. Traditionally it's always focused on Xbox during E3, but with Windows 10 just around the corner and a promise of a renewed commitment to PC gaming, there's every chance we could see some PC game reveals here later. You can watch the live stream below, and we'll be providing live updates on the key moments in Microsoft's E3 2015 press conference. 

19:01 - And that's a wrap. What did you think of Microsoft's conference? 

18:58 - It's simply called Gears 4. It's overwhelmingly dark, but it seems pretty interesting from that brief look. Phil Spencer's back out now, and he's wrapping things up, listing all them exclusives hitting Xbox One. Is it weird the Rare collection is my most anticipated? Definitely went a bit off the rails with that HoloLens stuff, but it seems Microsoft is putting some weight behind the augmented reality device. 

18:55 - Gears of War 4 anyone? This is an exclusive reveal of a new game from the Gears studio, previously known as Black Tusk, renamed The Coalition. Is this Gears? I'm confused, it doesn't look like your average Gears of War game. Ah, now it does. Xbox One's really coming out strong graphically in this press conference, could those DirectX 12 optimisations be making all the difference. Time will tell. 

18:52 - Gears of War Ultimate Edition coming August 25th. Remake of the original Gears of War in full 1080p, 60 frames per second. A public multiplayer beta is starting today. No word on a PC version, for what it's worth. 

18:51 - Moving on, and they're playing it in two-player. One player is on the virtual board itself, the other person is viewing it through the HoloLens. I think Microsoft wants to turn us into human batteries and play Minecraft for eternity. 

18:48 - Ok... He's playing Minecraft and streaming it to a screen on the wall. Then things get a little more interesting, as he drags it from the screen to a table, for a fully 3D display. Supposedly. If that was in real time live on the stage, I will eat my hat. 

18:45 - Microsoft have announced a partnership with Valve VR. Dedicated to making Windows 10 the best place for VR gaming. Now they're chatting about Xbox One controllers coming with the Rift, and that totally daft streaming from Xbox One to VR in a virtual cinema room. 

We're going deep down the VR rabbit hole now. It's Hololens time with its augmented reality/ Now it's time to see HoloLens impact on gaming, with Lydia Winters at Minecraft developer Mojang.

18:42 - Yet another Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive coming up now. Fable Legends if my eyes don't deceive me. It's not the Fable we're used to, but I could certainly get used to it quickly if this trailer's anything to go by. 

18:41 - It's pirates. Treasure. AHAAAAARR. What you do I can't tell. Looks like a piratical MMO with giant galleon, players crewing massive ships together. It's called Sea of Thieves

18:39 - Oh god, it's time for a new exclusive from Rare. Set in a fantastical world set to bring players together with limitless possibilities. 

18:36 - I've got nostalgia spilling out of my eyeballs. Rare's classics are back. A total 30 Rare games are coming in a huge collection. Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie. You name it, it's there. It's called Rare Replay and it's out on August 4th this year. 

18:35 - There's a storm a-brewing. Her ice pick seems to be a pretty handy tool, did she have a climbing tool in Tomb Raider 2013, it's escaped me. There's an avalanche coming now. Visually this is a bit of a feast, some swish looking snow effects and and a huge volumetric avalanche billowing down the mountain towards here. Possible a bit too cinematic for its own good, but that might just be the trailer. Snow levels are the best though aren't they? I was hoping for a whole game of that, but I see a desert as well. And an obligatory minecart puzzle.

Well that looks very nice indeed, still no word of a PC release though.  

18:31 - Phew, the games are coming thick and fast now. It's David Houghton on next, from Crystal Dynamics. One guess as to what he's showing?

There's a Lara hype about this one, it's Rise of the Tomb Raider. Ms Croft is ascending a snowy mountain. She wants to do "just this last stretch to the top", where inevitable danger awaits. When will she learn? If I was here I'd be tucked up in Croft manor with a steaming cup of Horlicks. 

18:29 - It's coming to Xbox Game Preview, and it's called Ion. Hall wants gamers to govern how the game shakes out. Lucky you. It's, ummm, in space. That's about as much as I can tell you.

18:28 - Dean Hall, creator of DayZ, is coming out to show a new game coming exclusively to Xbox One and Windows PC. He doesn't look like a zombie. 

18:26 - Xbox Game Preview. It's Early Access in disguise. Xbox players will be able to try out games early, including The Long Dark, Shelter, Elite: Dangerous, and DayZ. You'll get trials so you can test it first, before deciding if you want to commit to the purchase. Elite Dangerous and The Long Dark out today, did I hear? 

18:24 - Woo it's two blokes and one Cuphead. We saw this last year. It all looks a bit Steamboat Willy. 2D platformer with some incredible hand-drawn visuals. It's how I'd remember Saturday mornings if I was 86 years old. Cuphead, coming soon. 

18:23 - We've gout waders on and we're knee-dep into indie territory now. Beyond Eyes is being show, it's coming to Xbox One and PC. I feel relaxed. It's got a watercolour art style and it seems to revolved around have limited sight, or possibly enhanced hearing? 

18:21 - Aurora 44 are now showing off Ashen. I've never seen this one before. Seems to be a visually sumptuous adventure through a ruined castle. Giving me slight Ico vibes, which is getting me excited for a possible Last Guardian showing later. 

18:20 - The head of Microsoft's ID@ Xbox is out now. That's the program Microsoft runs to get indie titles over to the Xbox One, swiftly becoming the new proving ground between MS and Sony. First game to get shown off is Tacoma, the game coming to PC and Xbox One from the folks behind Gone Home. 

18:18 - Obligatory indie game rundown now. Microsoft's got some nifty games coming, including Ark: Survival Evolved, Superhot, Cuphead, and I've forgotten them all after a montage overload.*

*Balboa not included

18:16 - Oooh, now it's time for a Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive. It's got cel-shaded visuals, looks to be class-based. Oh, it's Gigantic, I think we've heard about this before. It looks like a MOBA. It's goin to be free-to-play and there's a beta on both platforms this August. 

18:15 - Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 coming free with Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege purchases. It's thanks to the new Xbox backwards compatibility. Anyway, Siege is looking the real deal in this trailer, shows pretty much the same as we've already seen though. Expect plenty more during Ubisoft's press conference later. 

- Now it's Tom Clancy's The Division. Kind of stealing the thunder a little from Ubisoft's press conference. Looks to be delving a little more into the story this time around. Not giving a huge amount away here, but Ubisoft's Laurence Detoc is going to fill us in on the details. He says you're a secretly trained agent, and you're heading into New York following the release of lethal virus. Detoc says Xbox One owners will get an exclusive beta of The Division this November. Yay?

18:08 - IT'S DARK SOULS 3! AT AN XBOX CONFERENCE. Didn't see this coming, through it was a dead cert for Sony's conference later this evening / disgusting time of the morning. Absolutely nothing to speak of gameplay wise, but it exists, and that's enough for most. 

18:07 - It's Forza, but exactly as you know it. It's got cars and tracks and racing and all sorts. It's out September 15th, only on Xbox One. 

18:05 - Forza Motorsport 6 now. A car's being lowered from the ceiling for some reason. And now Henry Ford III is on stage. He presumably says you can have any car in Forza, as long as it's black. 

18:04 - Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 announced by Moore. Coming to Xbox One, but presumably PC also. Sprouts next spring. World premier trailer. It's chaos in Zombieville. I can't help but feeling the Plants are unnecessarily riling them by stepping on their turf, so to speak. Everyone sounds like a Minion. Looks like it does exactly what it says on the packet of seeds - more maps, more characters, more weapons.

18:00 - It's EA's Peter Moore now. Here's a man who couldn't care less about backwards compatibility; who wants to play an old sports game? He's here to chat about EA Access, EA's subscription-based service that allows fully playable games and early access to its upcoming titles. Moore is open to all Xbox Live Gold members this week - 12 full EA titles. 

17:58 - Wow. Mods created for the PC footage of Fallout 4 will work on Xbox One. Mods on console, who'd have thunk it...  I have no idea how that's going to be implemented.

17:56 - Is it Xbox One footage? Looks decent. Getting a peek at an extended sequence of Fallout 4 we didn't get to see yesterday. The Deathclaw looks awesome. Not quite as awesome as that chaingun though. Getting slightly worried Microsoft has some sort of exclusive DLC marketing deal in the works. 

17:52 - Ah, we're back. It's everybody's favourite - Fallout 4. It's a different gameplay trailer. Some of it at least, some looks very familiar. 

17:51 - Having a spot of trouble with our stream right now...

17:48 - Megaton. Xbox One is now backwards compatible with Xbox 360. Did not see that one coming. Hundreds of games will be compatible this year, with hundreds more to come. All the Xbox 360 discs will work, and if you bought it digitally it will be available to play free on Xbox One. Bit of a hammer blow for Sony's expensive PlayStation Now. "We won't charge you to play the games you already own". That's fighting talk. E3 2013 revenge. 

17:47 - Head of Xbox Phil Spencer's on now to talk about Recore. Talking up Microsoft's exclusives, playable "only on Xbox." It's the "greatest games line-up in Xbox history" again. They should get some t-shirts. 

17:44 - Right, what have we here? It's from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune and another of ex-Metroid Prime devs. Female leads with a robotic dog. Looks to be a sci-fi third-person shooter. With a suicidal robot dog. Who is born again! Simply take his orb and place it in another robot and he's right as rain! Do you play as the robot? Or the woman? Or both? It's called ReCore, and it's coming in Spring 2016. It's exclusive to Xbox One, first-party franchise. 

17:42 - Halo 5 bumps the player count up to 24, with larger environments than we've ever seen before. New mod called Warzone. Classic Red vs Blue, players have access to mechs. Can't go wrong with mechs, just ask Titanfall. Oh. 

Anyway, Warzone seems to be 12v12, and AI thrown in for good measure.

17:40 - Phwoar, well that looked a bit of alright didn't it? Some spectacular destruction effects on offer here, and those particle effects from the shotgun look absolutely lovely. Killing grunts has never looked so good.  At one point she picks up the Plasma Caster, which I believe is a new weapon for the series? It fires electric bolt projectiles which bounce on surfaces. 

The final part of the campaign trailer looks incredible. This is a proper trot across the universe.

17:36 - It's trailer time. Agent Locke is hunting down the greatest Spartan, Master Chief himself. He's tucked away in the Covenant's last stronghold, kicking alien ass. Time for some co-op play now. Ross is inching through a Covenant base, assault rifle in hand. Still not as good as the original Halo AR ;) 

Is it co-op play? Can't tell just yet, but looks to be a four-player mission, albeit with some AI team mates.

17:34 - Bonnie Ross, head of Halo developer 343 Industries is first onstage. "The greatest games lineup in Xbox history". Big talk from Bonnie there. She's letting Halo 5: Guardians do the talking now. 

17:32 - Straight in there with a highlights package. Forza 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5: Guardians, Fable Legends. Master Chief goes a bit Neil Armstrong for a moment, asking if you'll step or leap. 

17:30 - And we're off, bang on time. 

17:25 - Latest rumours suggest there's a repackage of up to 30 classic Rare games coming to Xbox One, including Blast Corps, Perfect Dark, and Battletoads. Could we be seeing it today...

17:20 - Right then folks, we are live with Microsoft in 10 minutes, what are you looking forward to?


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21:46 Jun-15-2015

Microsoft wins E3 this year, I'm calling it now!

17:50 Jun-21-2015

True that, new function for me - release and grab. Haha

admin approved badge
20:19 Jun-15-2015

Microsoft was absolutely amazing this year. I was just considering selling my Xbone, but backwards compability and mod support for Fallout 4 are almost too good to be true.

senior admin badge
09:53 Jun-16-2015

Yeah I thought it was great. Went slightly off kilter with all that HoloLens stuff but it was jampacked with games. High time I bought an Xbone I think.

Just finished watching the Sony one though and they did a great one too. I'm trying to resist Kickstarting Shenmue 3, they really don't need my money but it's difficult.

admin approved badge
19:11 Jun-15-2015

My Xbox 360's disc drive is failing, so if I replace it, I'll probably get an Xbone. That's a crushing blow to Sony for sure though.

19:07 Jun-15-2015

2 words.

backwards compatability

admin approved badge
18:30 Jun-15-2015

Dishonored 2 hype!

admin badge
17:52 Jun-15-2015

dat controller!

senior admin badge
17:26 Jun-15-2015

Here's to hoping they dedicate a full 3/4 of the show to revealing Windows 10 Minesweeper!

senior admin badge
12:27 Jun-15-2015

18:30 middle european time then, I'm ready :D


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