Valve might not have been involved with E3 this year, but it was still beavering away behind the scenes on its most popular title. The DOTA 2 Reborn beta went live yesterday, moving the entirety of the MOBA over to the Source 2 engine; the first game to do so.

The Source 2 engine is Valve’s latest game development platform, and it’s likely we’ll see more of its popular games ported over soon, as well as new games created with Source 2 in mind. For DOTA 2, the new engine means improvements to rendering, performance optimisations, better quality visuals and “richer, more dynamic games.

Those performance optimisations come as a result of a number changes. Firstly, latency has been reduced. So the time between the click of a mouse button or the press of a key has been lessened, providing more responsive inputs. Secondly, DOTA 2 will now make better use of the performance of lower-end machines and more of the available memory, and also includes built-in support for VR in the future. Finally, multithreading has been improved, so Source 2 will make sure it uses any available cores to boost performance, making DOTA 2 more responsive.

“Unlike our traditional Test client, your match history, MMR, cosmetic items, and friends are shared across the two versions,” wrote Valve.

However, Ranked Matchmaking is not enabled yet. We anticipate that we'll be able to turn it on in a few days, but we need more testing of the basic functionality first. Also, it is possible new items may make their first appearance in either the beta or the main client. These items may be temporarily missing from the other client while their assets are converted.

The plan is to bring DOTA 2 Reborn out of beta following the DOTA 2 International Championships 2015, set to take place from August 3-8 in Seattle. If you want to get involved in the beta, you just need to start up DOTA 2 in Steam as usual, before going to the ‘Play’ tab and selecting ‘Dota 2 Reborn Beta’.

Any GD'ers had a chance to give DOTA 2 Reborn a go yet? Noticed any significant changes?