I can't remember a time in recent memory where there's been so many titles at E3 capable of competing for an award like this, but E3 2015 just seemed to give us incredible game after incredible game. This was helped by a number of other publishers entering the big time and hosting their own E3 press conferences, but the E3 stalwarts also did a stellar job, with a great showing of incredible looking sequels, alongside a smattering of new IPs.

Some of the most surprising reveals will have granted many gamers' long unanswered wishes, but among all the shocking surprises and incredible gameplay demonstrations, there was one game that stood head and shoulders above the rest. It had an ice cool bottle of Nuka Cola in one hand, and a Compensated Pipe Rifle in the other. 

E3 2015 Best In Show Award - Fallout 4

Could it really have been anything else? Bethesda won practically the entirety of the gaming world over with its gameplay demonstration, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Few developers work on the scale that Bethesda do. Rather than be constricted to yearly rehashes and chasing every last cent, Bethesda has taken its sweet time. Development began on Fallout 4 shortly after Fallout 3 launched back in 2008, before entering full scale production four years ago. Much like Rockstar, Bethesda has proved that patience pays off, and Fallout 4 is looking breathtaking in its scope.

While the game engine is ‘just’ an enhanced version of the Creation Engine using in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it’s just about everything else apart from the visuals that really help Fallout 4 stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s the new dynamic dialogue system, the incredibly deep crafting mechanics, or the ability to build entire towns, Fallout 4 has got it all and then some.

The attention to detail in Fallout 4’s game world is exquisite. Whether it’s each and every blinking terminal being hand-designed, or how all of the detritus littering the world can be broken down and using for logical crafting components. There’s just so much to see and do that November 10th really can’t come quick enough.