Okay, now the dust has sort of settled on E3 2015, our attention inevitably turns to the future. We’ve had an absolute stack of game reveals and drool worthy trailers, and the next 12 months or so are looking fit to burst with game releases.

Now though, it’s time to forget all that and peer a little further into the future. Fallout 4 scooped up our E3 Best in Show award this year, and we think you’ll have to agree it’s a worthy winner, even if it’s maybe not your thing. You crazy fool you. What we want to chat about now is what game you think is going to scoop up the Best in Show award at E3 2016, in a year’s time.

You’ll have to gaze into your crystal balls with this one, but it’s time to let your imaginations run riot. A year’s a long time. Practically every game we’re looking forward to right now didn’t even exist publicly this time last year, so you can get a bit crazy with your guesses.

I’m going to stick my neck out with this one and guess Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be the Best in Show at E3 2016. I know Rockstar doesn’t ever really have a presence at E3, but I've got a feeling its next huge open-world title is RDR2, and it would be perfect timing. Red Dead’s huge but it’s not the household name Grand Theft Auto is, and a presence at the Sony, Microsoft or maybe even PC Gaming Show conferences could give it a jumpstart into the limelight.

Anyway, now it's over to you. Which game do you think will bring next year's show to a standstill? Any dormants you can see making an epic comeback?