Tactical Action VR Game Salvaged Goes Live On Steam Greenlight

Written by Jon Sutton on Fri, Jun 26, 2015 10:15 AM
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Opposable Games has launched promising VR-compatible tactical action game Salvaged on Steam Greenlight. The unique strategic experience is playable in three entirely different ways, including using a head-mounted display for VR, dual-screen for on-the-fly tactics, and a standard single-screen setup.

Within Salvaged, players will be taking on the roll of one Commander Alex Pieterson, attempting to plunder precious objects and materials from hulking alien wrecks stranded in space. The twist comes from Salvaged being entirely playable from the in-game command room, with Pietersen interacting with a bank of screens in real-time to command the squad aboard the ship.

As you’d expect, these wrecks you’re exploring aren’t entirely devoid of life. A number of hostile creatures have made these places home, who seem to unanimously share gigantic face-chewing fangs. There's a full story planned, with players accepting contracts from across the universe, weighing up risk versus reward before taking the plunge on a mission.

In Salvaged multitasking will be key, with a total of three screens to monitor at any one time. Two of the screens are concerned with managing contracts and player upgrades, while the final screen displays the action in first-person for each of your four-man squad. Crucially, this can all be done via VR, an Android or iPad tablet, or on a single monitor. If you’ve got the virtual reality headset on then you can see the monitors around you, delivering attack and defend attacks swiftly in the midst of the action.

Salvaged is up on Steam Greenlight now, so head on over and give it the thumbs up if the concept takes your fancy. No word on an expected release date either, but we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

What do you make of Salvaged then? Are you hoping to see it get Greenlit?

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