A mysterious countdown has appeared over on the official Baldur’s Gate website, suggesting we could be hearing plenty more about the impending sequel in the coming days. We already know that Beamdog, developer of the polished up HD remasters of both Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II, is working on an all-new title in the series, set to take place between the events of the original two games.

At the time of writing, the countdown still has 11 days and 15 hours to go, so the announcement, or whatever Beamdog is planning for Baldur's Gate 3, will be happening on July 3rd at 3AM BST.

So far, Beamdog has only referred to the upcoming Baldur’s Gate title as ‘Adventure Y’, but we wouldn’t mind hazarding a guess this will be an isometric Infinity engine pseudo-sequel. Following the events of Baldur’s Gate, the party was kidnapped and thrown in a prison in Athkatla, and this likely details their escape.

"We have an exciting release planned for this game, something bigger than we’ve ever done before,” said Beamdog back when Adventure Y was first revealed.

Details are scarce over on the official site, other than the countdown and an embedded Twitch stream in the source code. Having seen the success of the likes of Pillars of Eternity and Wasteland 2, it’s also likely Beamdog will be taking this RPG to Kickstarter for some additional funding.