F1 2015
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The official season’s already in full swing, but if you’ve been waiting for a digitised version of the world’s fastest sport, F1 2015 is screeching into view next week. Codemasters don’t want us to forget this, sending along a brand new features trailer to try and explain what all the fuss is about.

Central to this is the new Championship Season Mode. This is Codemaster’s first attempt at emulating the broadcast-style presentation for F1 2015. Think along the lines of FIFA and you’re sort of there. This means race day atmosphere with build-up and intro sequences, as well as a narrative that unfolds throughout the course of a season.

"Our new Championship Season and Pro Season modes deliver a much more engaging and fluid Formula One championship experience than ever before", said Lee Mather, principal games designer at Codemasters.

"The race weekend is more than just the in-car and on track experience. Observing your driver working with his team during practice and qualifying and listening to the new commentary that sets the scene for the race and season standings is now present for the gamer. Then seeing the busy grid before a race, with all the flavour and character of it, into the race itself, the new television style cameras and replays, and finally the iconic podium celebrations all add to that race experience.

If that’s enough for you, there’s also a Pro Season mode. This already sounds like it’s off-limits to me. This mode ramps the settings in F1 2015 all the way up to the most realistic possible, with full practice and qualifying sessions, and 100% of the laps. What that essentially equates to is dedicating your entire weekend to a single race.

Rousing, I guess, is the only way to put that trailer. If all that high-octane racing and string accompaniments got your pulse racing, then F1 2015 launches on July 10th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Which is, erm, in a week’s time, so you haven’t got long to wait!