I don’t think I’m alone in believing that patches and updates should improve performance rather than hamper it, but the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 PC patch looks like it’s done exactly that. Users are now finding the GTA 5 1.28 patch worsens performance and reduces the in-game frame rate.

The patch was rolled out as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 content update, but it seems in addition to adding new cars, bikes, boats and weapons, it’s also having an adverse effect on performance. This results in dips apparently as low as 3fps. The killer blow, however, comes from reports from the modding community that updates to GTA V’s anti-modding technology is to blame.

"We have received reports of lower framerate in GTAV and GTA Online after Title Update 1.28 on PC. We are looking into these reports now," wrote Rockstar over on its support page.

Modders aren’t happy with this response though, and the creators of the GTA V LCPD First Response mod have voiced their dissent: "Rockstar Games strengthened their protections against modding introduced in the first update ... This severely impacts performance, resulting in gameplay at 3 frames per second—even on some of the strongest PC systems available today."

The frame rate drops seem to be affecting users regardless of whether they have mods installed or not. Users are suggesting the problem stems from 3MB of ‘junk code’ found in the latest update, designed to obfuscate things for modders and and add an additional four or five layers that need to be jumped through in order for mods to work.

For mods to work in GTA 5 it requires a script modification. The game itself also relies on heavy scripting regardless of whether mods are used, and so this change causes a huge increase in the number of function calls and pipelines needed to communicate with the engine. This results in the drops in frame rate we're seeing here. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the situation.

Have you been noticing performance drops in Grand Theft Auto 5? Is this with mods installed or without? Let us know!