Mass Effect Andromeda is due out towards the end of next year and while it is a somewhat secretive AAA at the moment, we still know a few space-foil wrapped nuggets of information.

Below you will find the collective of what we know about Mass Effect Andromeda at this early stage, although in terms of time, we are probably around 70% through its development cycle.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Release Period: Holiday 2016

Platforms Mass Effect Andromeda is available on: PC, PS4 XBox One

Mass Effect Andromeda full development began: 2012

Mass Effect Andromeda Background: Little is known regarding the story so far, but Andromeda will likely be set in another galaxy from the original ME trilogy. It has been suggested that Andromeda will borrow a lot from the Dragon Age Inquisition UI systems. Due to the exploratory nature of DA:I the implications are that Mass Effect Andromeda will be focused around a lot of space exploration. Where we can expect the player to be hoping from planet to planet. With a huge galaxy map shown off in teaser trailers and scanner facilities that can be used to explore planets visited for possible resources.

What we know about Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Set in the usual Mass Effect Universe
  • Players will not be Commander Shepard
  • The player will travel the universe and discover worlds again
  • The player can be male or female, but only human
  • The M35 Mako will return and be enhanced
  • The story is set far away from the original trilogy story
  • The story will be a completely new, unrelated story to the original series
  • A variety of planet terrain types will feature
  • While Andromeda is unrelated to the original Mass Effect trilogy, there have been hints that hanging on to previous ME save games could prove useful
  • For added immersion, perhaps you will hear reports of Shepard's exploits from across the galaxy and these could be based around your previous ME save game, if you have one
  • Krogans will feature in Mass Effect Andromeda
  • The player will likely be another N7 agent




Mass Effect Andromeda Game Engine

The Mass Effect Trilogy that came before Andromeda were built on the Unreal 3 Engine. Mass Effect Andromeda will be built and played using DICE's Frostbite 3 engine. Modified and enhanced specifically for Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Andromeda Minimum System Requirements (Speculative)

  • OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8 and above - 64bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-560 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805
  • RAM: 4 GB System Memory
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 6850
  • HD: 35 GB Free Hard Drive Space (speculative download size)
  • DX: DirectX 11


Mass Effect Andromeda Recommended System Requirements (Speculative)

  • OS: Windows 10 - 64bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4430 3.0GHz / AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
  • RAM: 8 GB System Memory
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 670 / AMD Radeon R9 280
  • HD: 35 GB Free Hard Drive Space (speculative download size)
  • DX: DirectX 12

The requirements are speculative at this point. They are based on increased requirement trends for similar games built on the same game engine. This data is extrapolated on time. Other factors are then thrown into the mix, including potential benefits taken from DX 12 gaming, should that prove to be as supportive of games as it claims it will be. So we feel at this point Mass Effect will be a combination of user interfaces lifted from Dragon Age Inquisition, with a whole heap of added visuals to create a modern depiction of a living galaxy, where we can visit the myriad of planets. With that in mind the hard space requirement might be bigger than displayed.

PC CPU capability has not been fully tapped for a few years prior to the new consoles hitting the market and by the time Andromeda arrives we will be in full flow of a new generation of CPUs, where big developers will be able to make some real use of it.

By the end of 2016 I actually think the RAM requirement could be even higher than 8GB. I have personally already experienced a couple of games that would not run when I had 8GB, forcing me to double up my standard system memory to 16GB, to get the game to run. Once I did that, the two games in question didnt actually use more than 8GB RAM so i wasnt too sure why they were being so picky, but I certainly think 8GB RAM will be min to recommended for almost every new game released by mid to late 2016.

This data is put together to give us a look at one potential set of Mass effect Andromeda system requirements. Formed through mathematical means, based on a comprehensive database of existing hardware numbers and frame rates, with a twist of personal insight, derived from my many years of looking at this stuff and building a website to share this type of information.

In short, the requirements are entirely up for debate, and its here to give us all a good jumping off point to get the Mass Effect party started. So share your thoughts and details but as always please remember to consider everyone else's views as well.