The Rainbow Six series has usually had a decent grounding in reality, and I thought Rainbow Six: Siege would be similar. At least Ubisoft had been painting it that way, but once I see healing bullets I’m not so sure. Still, apart from that, it’s looking proper Tom Clancy.

Ubisoft’s been showing off each of the real-world special forces teams coming to Rainbow Six Siege, and this time it’s the turn of the French GIGN. Four of the blue, white and red’s finest are available to play as, comprising Montagne, Twitch, Doc and Rook.

As per the previous characters we’ve seen, each comes with a set of unique weapons and abilities. We’ve got the aforementioned healing stim gun, a box full of bulletproof vests (which smacks of poor preparation), electric shock drone, and an expandable shield, among others.

Rainbow Six Siege is out on October 13th, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.