It’s an exciting time for Virtual Reality fans. That which has been a pipe dream for decades looks like it might be an actual thing in the very near future. All the rumours seem to suggest that the latest Oculus Rift prototypes don’t cause spasmodic vomiting any more (yay!) and Microsoft’s HoloLens showing off during the Minecraft bit in the Microsoft conference at E3 (oooh! ahhh!), it looks like soon we’ll all be spending our free time floating, flying and falling like an alarmingly young Pearce Brosnan.

But we’re gamers, and we simply wouldn’t be happy without a good beef to get our teeth into. So I propose the following:

Virtual Reality gaming will be best when it’s terrifying, jump-scare horror.

I mean, Minecraft? The Microsoft HoloLens promo film has a guy wandering out of his office and onto the SURFACE OF MARS, and we’re supposed to want to use it for Minecraft? Sure, I get that the joy of creation would no douby be enhanced by being able to see it in glorious 3D on your dinner table, but imagine hiding in a crate as a H.R. Giger Alien stalks you. Or legging it from that Slender chap, only to round a corner and come face to blank with him. Trust me, VR-induced vomiting would seem like a fond memory to your dry cleaner after that.

But then, it’s been said in the past that I am a pathetic sack of half-formed opinions that I spout incessantly without really thinking anything through. And, well, yes, it’s completely true. Perhaps it’s open-world fantasy games that will benefit the most from this new tech, from the darkest dungeons to epic sweeping vistas, all wrapped delightfully around your head. You’d really be able to get to feel what it’d be like to wear a full-face helm with just a little slit to see through while you’re fending off a metric Mordor-load of orcs.

Which of the time-tested genres that we’ve grown to know and love do you think will benefit most from this exciting new technology? Or perhaps it’ll open up entirely new genres that we’ve not even considered yet? Let us know your thoughts!

Added a poll below with a bunch of game genres in it. You can vote up to 3 times for different genres you feel best fit VR. Lets see if it isnt the obvious one that wins out.

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