Fable Legends October Release Date Rumour is Not Accurate

Written by Jon Sutton on Fri, Jul 17, 2015 2:00 PM
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Rumour spun around today that the next instalment of Fable, Fable Legends, was going to be playable this October 2015. Bringing it out on PC and XBox One, Microsoft are aiming to make Legends, which is a free to play fantasy multiplayer title, available to both Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

Just to clarify though, it was just a rumour and the release date is still not officially announced. In answer to the rumour, Game Director David Eckelberry said that they are looking forward to opening the world of Fable Legends up to players this Holiday, but they haven't got any specific release timing set yet.

The Fable Legends release date that was being thrown around was 13th October, in case you were interested.

Fable Legends will let the player be one of five characters. Four are heroes and one plays as the villain. Any roles not taken by a player will be filled in by AI, making multiplayer and single player a similar affair.

Throughout the quests the player will use teamwork to help them complete their goals, while the villain and his army of henchmen attempt to stop them. Sounds fun and it will be enabled for DX12, so that will be good.

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22:15 Jul-17-2015

Free to play or not, if I cannot own my games, I will not play them.

21:54 Jul-17-2015

Fable franchise is dead Imo, they should have kept it dead after fable Lost chapters.


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