The new Witcher 3 patch 1.07 is out now. One of the highly anticipated features that the new patch brings is the Alternative movement option for Geralt. His original movement was always considered to be too floaty, which would end in the player annoyingly overshooting when trying to pick something up or interact with a specific point in the game.

We have put together a couple of videos that will show you some of the new features and options that the patch 1.07 will introduce. The videos will also show you Geralts alternative movement (patch 1.07) compared to how his original movement felt (patch 1.06 and before).

The first video is a very quick look at Geralts movement after the changes in patch 1.07, compared to how his movement use to be. To those people not knowing what they are looking for, keep your eye on how long it takes for Geralt to stop and then move in another direction. Using the new alternative movement Geralt can come to a stop a fraction of a second quicker. The question is, will this be enough. I for one know that any improvement on this will make me feel better when playing The Witcher 3.

The second video is longer, showing the new changes to the Witcher 3 graphics screen options, with regards to the Nvidia Hairworks and also where to locate the option to turn on or off Geralts alternative movement. Hairworks was quite the drain on GPUs and so CD Projekt Red decided to provide a bunch of various options associated with this new visual eye candy. Instead of leaving the player with just two options, turning it off or turning it on, you can now select various sub options associated with it, so you can still keep it on but minimise the performance hit to your specification.

We also show the message explaining the new stash locations around the map, where the player can drop off an infinite amount of equipment and access that equipment from anywhere else on the map where the stash icon appears.

We havent noticed any specific bench improvements yet on the Witcher 3, which you can also see from the video. The frame rate stayed around 48-52 regardless of whether we were looking at the older 1.06 footage or the newer 1.07 footage. But we will be doing some more tests across a variety of screen resolutions, over the coming days. For the complete list of updates provided by the patch 1.07 check out our article from earlier.

Who likes the new Geralt Alternative movement option? What other parts/features of the new patch 1.07 do you like or dislike?