The amount of money being thrown around in eSports tournaments is nothing short of jaw-dropping these days, and nowhere are the stakes higher than at the DOTA 2 Internationals. The International 2015 has a prize pool to the tune of $17,092,660 and growing, meaning there’s more up for grabs than every previous International combined.

The full prize pot has been revealed, with the winning team heading home with a cool $6,151,326. This equates to $1.23 million per player, putting this team up there with some of the highest paid sports stars around. Proof indeed that gaming can pay. Elsewhere, Valve has pushed out a massive update for DOTA 2 Reborn, the new version of DOTA 2 currently in beta and running on the Source 2 engine. Among other things it adds Ranked Matchmaking and bonus Compendium coins.

The headline act is the Ranked Matchmaking, which demonstrates Valve is confident enough in this new build of DOTA 2 to begin hosting the matches that really matter. For hardcore DOTA 2 fans this probably marks the turning point from which they’ll hop on board.

Bringing DOTA 2 Reborn further in line with the original client, bonus Compendium coin challenges have been introduced. These are specific meta objectives which can be completed to pay for additional cosmetic items. There’s a 50% bonus on coin drops right now in DOTA 2 Reborn.

Elsewhere, there’s the usual bug fixes and performance improvements which ensure things tick along nicely.

Back to that prize fund then, and this is how it currently stands:

  • 1st - $6,153,358
  • 2nd - $2,649,362
  • 3rd - $2,051,119
  • 4th - $1,452,876
  • 5th - $1,111,023
  • 6th - $1,111,023
  • 7th - $769,170
  • 8th - $769,170
  • 9th - $205,112
  • 10th - $205,112
  • 11th - $205,112
  • 12th - $205,112
  • 13th - $51,278
  • 14th - $51,278
  • 15th - $51,278
  • 16th - $51,278

The prize pool is continuously growing, but as it stands each member of the 16 five-person teams heading to the DOTA 2 International Championships is set to make an average of $212,500.

The event is set to take place live on from August 3rd through until the 8th.