Every time we get a glimpse at Superhot, the experimental first-person shooter continues to surprise with just how powerful its central mechanic is. A new beta gameplay trailer gives us a peek at an updated version of the game, demonstrating the full extent of the protagonist’s time-warping powers.

Superhot’s central conceit is that time only moves when the player does. Stop moving and bullets halt in mid-air, enemies are frozen, and shattered windows hang glistening in thousands of shards. One squeeze of the trigger and time moves, the scene playing out in real-time. This turns fast-paced shoot-outs into a balletic mind-game, with time on your side.

If you backed Superhot on Kickstarter to the turn of $40 or more, you will have been sent out the playable beta over the last few days. Currently there’s no way to buy your way into the beta, so we’ll have to console ourselves with the new Superhot trailer.

Superhot Team is planning to get the game out in time for the end of this year, when it will be arriving on PC and Xbox One.