Gaming PCs are complex beasts. However, despite the millions of possible components out there, when it comes to the gaming grunt of your PC, you’re looking at three key industry players - Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. Between them these three control the CPU and graphics card markets. If you want a gaming PC, it’s going to have one or two of these three hardware giants involved somewhere along the line.

With so few players in the game, it’s an ultra-competitive business, even for gamers. Pick an AMD CPU and you’ve shunned Intel. Pick an Nvidia graphics card and you’ve said no thanks to AMD. Ultimately when you do your PC build, you’ve got to come down on one side of the fence, but where do you lie?

There’s obviously all sorts of factors at play here, be it brute force performance, value for money, post-purchase support, or even just plain old brand loyalty. When you buy a graphics card and you’re pleased with its performance, you’re inevitably drawn back to that brand for the upgrade. It’s often not until something goes wrong that you switch ‘teams’, so to speak.

For me personally it’s always a time and place thing. Once it’s time for a complete new build, it’s about checking out the market at that particular time and place. It seem me leap between AMD, Intel and Nvidia, but there’s been plenty of merit for all three over the years.

Over to you then, and we want to know what your preferred CPU and graphics card combination is. Are you always plumping for Intel regardless? Do AMD bargain buys win you over? Let the rest of GD known in the comments below!

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