City-builders are seldom visual showcases these days, but on the basis of Anno 2205’s Gamescom trailer, this one’s an absolute looker. Developed by Anno regulars Blue byte and with Ubisoft in charge of publishing, Anno 2205 leaps yet further into the future for the series.

Not content with boring old Earth, players can expand their cities to the moon, harvesting precious resources from that great, big blob in the sky. There looks to be some incredible variation in building design, with slick, utopian cities offset by smoggy, industrial lunar bases and deep mining in the Arctic.

Combat also looks to be making a return for Anno 2205. Not usually the series’ strongest element, ẁe can see at least naval combat is included. It's presumably a necessity for expanding the frontiers of your civilization.

Ubisoft recently announced the Anno 2205 closed beta for pre-order customers was cancelled. This angered much of the Anno community, many of which pre-ordered on the basis they would get access to the beta. While the full details are yet to come, Ubisoft is hoping to make amends with an exclusive Command Ship and a social emblem.

Anno 2205 is out in November 2015 on PC.