Few games are quite as open-ended and infinitely replayable as Mount & Blade, so it stands to reason anticipation among the game’s community is approaching fever pitch for its sequel. After a series of expansion packs, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is set to arrive seven years after the original, making the jump to a swish new game engine, which means battles look grander and are on a larger scale than e ever before.

TaleWorlds Entertainment have Mount & Blade 2 down on the show floor at Gamescom in Cologne, showing off a brand new trailer highlighting the all-new gameplay features coming to the sequel. Dynamic weather effects and seasons, destruction systems, siege weapons, a new crafting system and, erm… board games.

The Witcher 3 proved just how addictive games within games can be, but Bannerlord’s chess-lite is no Gwent on first impressions. When you’re not busy playing tabletop games however, there’s a war raging outside. TaleWorlds are promising deeper questlines, a branching and dynamic plot, and more.

No release date for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, but we’d hazard a guess it’s going to be 2016 at the earliest.