For many, the switching over of DOTA 2 from the Source engine over to Source Engine 2 was largely unnoticeable. Behind the scenes though, Valve’s clearly got some plans for the new game engine which just weren’t possible with the aging Source engine. The first of these is sure to upset purists, but DOTA 2 Reborn will getting new custom game modes from next week , with support for up to 24 players simultaneously.

This is a pretty big leap for DOTA 2, which so far caps out at 10 players - two teams of five. The large scale multiplayer will be getting rolled out in a DOTA 2 Reborn update soon, and has already been used for an All Star Match at this year’s DOTA 2 International, which finishes today.

The DOTA 2 Source 2 engine upgrade also comes with a creation kit allowing players to build their own custom game modes, briefing new life into a game that is already one of the deepest in existence.

You can check out the mayhem from the 24-player DOTA 2 International in the video below.