Modding in Grand Theft Auto V is a treacherous game. Rockstar’s iron fist means you’re treading a fine line between pure, unadulterated gaming joy, and a dangerous roughing up from Trevor - jump cables and all . Up until now we’ve been given the all clear to tamper with the single-player files, with any multiplayer modding resulting in a swift ban.

A bunch of GTA V modders have been working on an entirely separate multiplayer mode add-on that doesn’t link up with Grand Theft Auto Online in any way. The FiveM mod only alters the single-player files, but it seems Rockstar isn’t best pleased with the mod, banning the GTA 5 accounts of the mod creators.

The FiveM mod was created to allow gamers to play online outside of the restrictions Rockstar places on Grand Theft Auto Online. This would mean users could use modded content online, add in their own custom maps or create their own weapons. It also means gamers could play Grand Theft Auto 5 on private servers rather than relying on Rockstar keeping its own alive.

Unfortunately for the FiveM creators, part of the mod requires a Rockstar Social Club login. The reason was innocent enough; the modders wanted to ensure only players with a legit copy of GTA 5 could play it, which seems in Rockstar’s best interests. Rockstar hasn’t seen it that way though, first of all banning all of the creators of FiveM, and then beginning to ban regular users who downloaded the mod.

If you’re running the mod now then our best advice is to delete it for now, at least until a working version crops up that doesn’t use Rockstar Social Club. Many of the features that FiveM adds are what PC gamers have been calling out for, so it’s just a shame the rigid structure of Grand Theft Auto Online prevents modded content and custom servers.

Is Rockstar being too strict with its modding restrictions? Has it put you off from modding your copy at all?