Tuesday was a monumental day in my existence on this planet. After three months of hard graft, I made it to the closing credits of The Witcher 3. It’s almost definitely the largest game I’ve ever seen through to the end, but as it ended there was a hint of sadness that it was all over.

I thought it was just time to sit around twiddling my thumbs until CD Projekt RED managed to finish an expansion pack, but it turns out the Polish developer has even better plans - releasing official The Witcher 3 mod tools to the community. The tools CDPR is providing allow access to The Witcher 3’s game files, which will enable the creation of visual mods, UI assets and scripts, as well as potentially even more ambitious modifications if the tools get into the right hands.

CDPR thinks many of the early mods will be similar to the free DLC it’s been putting out, including additional armour sets and quests, as well as cosmetic changes to characters. Models can be replaced entirely as well as textures, so you could have Geralt riding into town on a velociraptor if you wish.

The replacing of textures opens up the door to graphical mods. The visual fidelity improvement mods we’ve seen so far for The Witcher 3 haven’t really impressed, but with more powerful tools we could see some Skyrim-style makeovers.

The ball’s now on the community's court,” said CDPR in an interview. “Let’s see what gets created and what we’ll be surprised with, and we’ll adapt and move on from there. Honestly, we can’t wait for all that stuff! In the meantime, we’re hard at work at the expansions and supporting the game!

Witcher 3 Modding Tools Download

Planning on grabbing these tools? What would your dream mod for The Witcher 3 be?