Having written the GeForce GTX 950 review earlier this week, it quickly became apparent that graphics cards that seemed a bargain in one territory could be anything but in another. The GTX 950 could be blasted as a rip-off in one country, where it may be barely cheaper than a GTX 960, while in another it could be a significant chunk less.

The point being, there’s some huge variances in the prices of hardware from country to country. I’m not just speaking relatively either, whereby a card’s cheaper in the US than the UK, but also the disparity between the graphics card families themselves. A Radeon R9 390X could be a bargain for some, while for others it could cost exponentially more than an R9 390 would set you back, so it really wouldn't be worth it for the comparatively minor FPS gain.

The end result is that different hardware is more or less affordable in different countries. We can confidently tout the the GeForce GTX 950 as a pretty great buy over here in the UK but it’s just $30 cheaper than a GTX 960 over in Canada, for example.

We want to know any examples you’ve seen of PC hardware being completely different values in your location. Where what’s the norm in the US is anything but where you are. Is AMD a better buy in your region? Does Intel price itself out of contention?

Share any pricing oddities in your territories below, and let us know if you buy in from other countries to get hold of better bargains.

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