Shadowrun: Hong Kong Launch Trailer Looks Like Isometric RPG Goodness

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sat, Aug 22, 2015 10:00 AM
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It might have only emerged on Kickstarter in January of this year, but Harebrained Schemes latest Shadowrun title has already surfaced. It’s complete as well, none of that Early Access nonsense. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is about as sequely as a sequel can get, taking that classic Shadowrun gameplay and moving it to the made-for-cyberpunk confines of Hong Kong.

The third game in the Shadowrun cRPG series, Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a tale of political intrigue, back alley stabbings, dingy slums and high-tech gadgets. This time around it’s got a whole new crew, expanded magic and cyberware systems, revamped Matrix and an upgraded Shadowrun Editor for sharing custom campaigns.

This game is the result of a true collaboration between artists, designers, programmers, writers, testers, and producers who put the game and their audience above all else,” wrote Harebrained Schemes in a launch announcement. “A lot of blood, sweat, tears (along with long, long hours) went into making Shadowrun: Hong Kong and knowing you were out there, excitedly waiting to play the game we were working so hard to deliver, really helped to motivate us.

I’ve got hold of a review copy so I’ll be squirrelled up for the next week or so in my own cyberpunk dream world, so keep an eye out for that soon. The last two Dragonfall games from Harebrained Schemes were exceptional, so I’m hoping they can keep that fine run of form going.

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15:19 Aug-23-2015

Ending sound track sounds and awful lot like Max Payne 2...excited for this game though.

12:20 Aug-22-2015

the music and the neon hong kong sign is so similar to la noire


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