Double Fine Announce Body-Swapping 70s Sci-Fi Puzzler Headlander

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sun, Aug 30, 2015 10:00 AM
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Double Fine has announced its next game will be Headlander, a side-scrolling action adventure game. The Broken Age and Massive Chalice developer has partnered up with Adult Swim Games for this one. In Headlander you play as the disembodied head of the last human on Earth, who has woken up in the 70s and is wondering where humanity went.

Being just a head poses a number of problems, not least being unable to speak due to a lack of lungs. Luckily the head’s equipped with jet-pack thrusters so it can be flown into the robotic bodies littered about the levels, taking them over and gaining their abilities. Which is where the name comes from. Because it's a head. That lands in things. If you’ve ever played the underrated gem that is Space Station Silicon Valley it sounds like a similar sort of deal.

Early info coming out of Double Fine suggests Headlander is going to be less action-oriented than the announcement trailer suggests, with an emphasis on puzzle-solving and body hopping. Double Fine’s no stranger to the latter either, with 2012's Stacking allowing players to access different abilities depending on which Russian doll they possessed.

It’s early doors for Headlander so far, but Double Fine reckon it will be out in 2016.

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10:55 Aug-30-2015

Interesting concept from the developer that gave us the most metal game that could ever possibly exist Brutal Legends.... I like it... these guys seem to specialize in the strange and awesome.


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