I am sure you will agree that Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most anticipated titles on the horizon. Recently, Rockstar has revealed 2 brand new screenshots from GTA V. These screenshots were revealed during a Questions & Answers section they had with their fans and customers.

Let's take a look at these newly released screenshots, shall we...

Taking look at the first screenshot Rockstar revealed. You'll notice the large scale of the city. Seems like the police helicopters are going to be open to the player, which wasn't allowed in previous Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto IV but can be done via modifying the game. 

This is the second screenshot they've released. This screenshot might give you an idea about the engine that GTA V is going to be based on. Just take a look at the level of reflective detail on the water, they're huge. The question that comes up to most of us mind is that, 'will the current consoles be able to handle these demanding looking graphics, going a long with the large scale environment?' Looks like there must be a reason behind why Rockstar is hiding the platforms for Grand Theft Auto V from us.

Not just that, Rockstar has also said, there is going to be another trailer and some more screenshots, when they're ready to release the game itself, Grand Theft Auto V. You can take a look at the 'Asked & Answered' section by Rockstar for more information.

Do you think the current consoles would be able to handle these graphics or maybe these are next generation console graphics? What sort of machine do you think we will need to play the next GTA? Will they optimise it for PC this time around? Let us know your thoughts below through the comment area.