Football Manager 2016 Dons A Fresh Suit Ready For November Kick Off

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Sep 7, 2015 4:45 PM
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Sports Interactive has announced not one, not two, but three separate Football Manager titles coming out this year. The full complement is Football Manager Touch, Football Manager Mobile, and the full fat Football Manager 2016. Mobile is on mobile, appropriately enough, while Touch is on both PC and tablets, and lastly FM 2016 is PC-only.

Football Manager 2016 is the latest in the long running Football Manager series from Sports Interactive and it’s heading to PC on November 13th. For this year’s edition a new Fantasy Draft mode has been introduced for creating mini-leagues with friends, with support for up to 32 players. In this mode you can create your own club and pick from a limited pool of players before going head to head.

A second new mode being is Create-A-Club. Here you can put together a custom club from scratch; naming it, choosing a kit, a stadium, picking a country and league, etc.

The 3D match engine has also been given another boost with more than 2000 new animations, as well as new set-piece camera control to fine-tune your match day plans. There’ll be Prozone match analysis, highlights packages of multiple games, more in-depth press conferences, and more.

Football Manager touch is the other PC release, and this is the standalone version of Football Manager’s Classic mode. This a slightly simpler, more streamlined version of Football Manager, and there’s a cross-save feature so you can transfer your game save from PC to tablet and carry on playing.

Football Manager 2016 is out on November 13th, while FM Touch and FM Mobile will be out around Christmas time.

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20:49 Sep-07-2015

"The 3D match engine has also been given another boost with more than 2000 new animations"

......... every year they say the same thing and yet the animations are even worse than they were 3 years ago.

admin approved badge
10:40 Sep-08-2015

Couldn't agree more + they add each year useless staff, but don't address such a hugh issue like AI squad building - I guess one more year for me with FM 2008 and/or FM 2012...


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