Plenty of you have no doubt become familiar with Up For Debates here on GD, where we open up some of the biggest questions in gaming and PC hardware so we can all discuss our thoughts and share the knowledge of our amazing community around.

We’ve looked a big old stack of stuff, such as DDR4 memory, 21:9 ratio gaming, single player vs multiplayer, favourite web browsers, best gamepads and heaps more. This one though is a little different. This is an Up For Debate about Up For Debates.

We want to know some of the hottest issues you want to talk about. The contentious issues that you just want to see answered. Or the just plain interesting PC tech and hardware stuff you want to share with the rest of us here at GD.

The same goes if you want any questions answered, or there’s something out there’s still a mystery in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet. Let us know what it is and we’ll do our best to do some digging.

Over to you then, which of gaming's biggest questions do you want answered? Let us know in the comments section below!