Heart...broken...again. Red Dead Redemption continues to slip through the fingers of the PC market. The Rockstar masterpiece, included all the classic wild west trope, from horseback riding, lawmen avoiding, gang running, cattle rustling, well you name it really, they had it in there. The only thing they forgot to include was A PC VERSION!

Back in May this year we reported that Red Dead Redemption might be showing flickerings again of finally coming to PC. That Rockstar had finally given in to the pressure of the ever growing PC audience, as we all press for a solid western game. But no, our hopes are shot down by Kris Roberts, who originally worked as one of Red Dead’s lead designers. He also said that he was “super shocked” that RStar made a PC version of GTA V...Wait, what?

In response to these recent rumours of Red Dead Redemption coming to PC, Kris told the press that he didnt think there was ever a plan to make a PC version of Red Dead and it was a surprise that GTA V made it to PC. Kris left Rockstar in 2010, so he isnt exactly the authority on Rockstar’s business direction today. 

He went on to say that the development force that worked on Red Dead all did so using PCs and had it running on Win32 clients during the whole of the game's development. So presumably it could still happen. Whats your thoughts guys? Are we still in with a chance for some awesome cowboy action? Perhaps Red Dead Redemption 2 will appear on PC?

As the PC market continues to grow and outshine other game platforms, the publisher's money men around the world, who probably dont even play games, are starting to consider the huge future of the PC market. We might not see one gaming platform to rule them all, as its always great to have variety, but developing games that roll out across all platforms is surely something all devs and game studios crave. My money is on the next Red Dead finding its way to PC, just like GTA V did. The PC market represents too much money to be left on the table, for a company to ignore.

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