We have a video here where the devs get talking about the size of the open world island that Rico returns home to. The Mediterranean island where Rico comes from is known as Medici and it is over run by a dictator called General Di Ravello, who is looking to take things onwards to world domination.

No surprise there then, with the gameplay and story being equally as outrageous as one another. The dev diary style video here focuses directly on just how huge the world is, what regions we can expect and even some of the unexpected similarities to...Game Of Thrones, of all things.

Is massive open worlds what we crave? I am not so sure. If you can jump in a plane and fly it around a map then it needs to scale well to accommodate that. Personally I want a world that feels alive, to enhance the immersion properly. I want a strong reason to keep playing and interacting with the world. GTA V gets it right. The vehicle mechanics are wonderful, tight and yet forgiving enough to allow for fun. Saints Row 4 I found absurd. After a period of play it left you wondering why you were playing. It was an ok experience for a little bit, but the game was definitely shonky and a push too far.

Hopefully Just Cause 3, which is playing up to the nonsense side of open worlds, maintains what made Just Cause 2 great. Because while those games are fun they kept pushing boundaries until eventually there was no where left to go. Leaving a player wondering why they are bothering.

We had some hands on last week with JC3 and it was a lot of fun. So I am not too worried. It is certainly the sort of thing you can pick up and play for 30 mins or for 3 hours and still get the right level of entertainment.

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Just Cause 3 will be along on all platforms on December 1st this year.