Hello GD, its our special time of the month again. Yay! This is where we all sit in a massive online circle and explain to each other what games are on our agenda for the coming weekend.

If, like me, you havent really got time for gaming this weekend, then at least explain to everyone how on earth you have time to be here, to read this brilliant article, that I practically had everyone else write for me.

Pip: This weekend I will try and get back to the farming life in Castaway Paradise. At first sight, the game was close to perfection. I even recommended it to some of my friends but then I realized that it quickly becomes very boring and repetitive.

The game is a mixture between Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Farmville. It has the component of growing crops and farming trees, as well as completing numerous quests.

However, most quests are extremely repetitive and boring while the rewards are extremely dull. Most of them involve you doing stuff that the Villagers don’t feel like doing like “Place this chair next to that tree” while we make you spend 3000 coins on something, to later reward you with just 1000.

That and because I felt tired of being bossed around, is why I stopped playing it. Going to give it another go though.

Or I might just go to the gym both days and live a healthier life ;)

Divayth: Playing Attila Total War has proven to be an absolute blast when playing with a friend. Found a TW-buddy here on GD and we’ve been going strong in our multiplayer campaign. Kicking Roman butts is a lot more satisfying when you have a buddy-general to help you out rolling up their front lines like a carpet. [Felix: Dont people walk all over carpets?]
So hopefully the stars and our schedules align again this weekend so we can progress our advance in pre-feudal Europe bro-style.

If not, I’ve still got Mad Max to finish. Grinding the game has been incredibly fun and that pur of the mighty Big Chief V8 is totally worth the time invested. Still not bored with the whole Mad Max concept, thanks to this game, the awesome movie and how much fun it is to gratuitously be shouting catchphrases like “Shiny and chrome!” and “Mediocre!” in real life.

All the more fun it will be to game this weekend with my recent purchase of my first mechanical keyboard! Everyone kept telling me the difference between mechanical and rubberdome is huge, but I have yet to thoroughly test out that hypothesis.

Arcanine: I’ll be feeding my Hearthstone addiction with gold and dust mostly, whilst playing Dungeon Village on android, to make sure my villagers are happy on their RPG adventures. I recommend checking out Kairosoft mobile games.

If I have the time I’m keen to purchase some Telltale games for my new nexus 9, I’ve missed a couple of their games and am struggling to find quality mobile titles, I’ve got my eye on diplomacy the game, based on some frantic games in the office.

I’d like to go to the Advanced Retreat social club social this weekend, to play hl2 VR, Quake (LAN), OpenRA (LAN), amongst many other treasures, with some of the members there.

Yoakido: I've just got to Act 3 in The Witcher 2. Yes, Witcher 2. I have that Mass Effect-style urge to continue my own story so that once I get to The Witcher 3 I'll (theoretically) be more invested in the universe. I've also been weirdly engrossed by Life is Strange. I'm on episode 4 and am trying not to finish it before the final episode comes out. The dialogue can be oh-so cringeworthy. But I can't help but feel like I'm part of this world now. This cringey, teenage world. With time travel.

Warhammer: Total War hyped me up enough to get the recent Total War humble bundle and so I just started Shogun 2. I have a massive enemy army in my main province with my primary armies fighting the good fight far away on the front line. The dirty Oda clan took advantage of my low defences. I'm reluctant to go back to that one. But the Oda clan must pay.

Also, Rocket League. Because flying rainbow-trail rocket car explosions.

Felix: I will mostly be sorting out news and articles for you lovely lot this weekend. Because…

Jon: ...I am sat next to a swimming pool, sipping Peroni, in sunny Italy. Back later next week guys.

So what are you up to this weekend everyone? Spew forth your ramblings and gaming shenanigans in the comments area below.