The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s had a big ol’ patch ahead of the Hearts of Stone expansion next week. I mean big as well, the 1.10 update is easily the heftiest of many patches since its May launch. If you laid out the patch notes end to end they wouldn’t quite get to the moon and back, but they do fill up a 13-page PDF document. Which is basically a novella by that point. A novella of righted wrongs.

If you’re anything like me then your first port of call is probably heading to the broken quests section, where I was delighted to see The Empty Coop has finally been fixed. It’s been an absolute blight on my otherwise unblemished quest log. Why would that pesky woman not talk to me?! Among the hundreds of bug fixes and niggly little changes, CD Projekt RED has also taken an almighty stab at improving performance of The Witcher 3 across all systems.

For those who hearts are aflutter there's some changes to the romancing. Triss now gets a bit more of a look in, with some additional dialogue options to help flesh out the stories somewhat. Unfortunately if you want to see all it means hauling through the main story again. 

I won’t bore you with the complete 13-page list but here’s a selection of highlights. If you’re interested in delving into the rest then you can see the full Witcher 3 1.10 changelog now over here, but I'd advise you to a get a brew on the go first. And bring a bookmark. 

The Witcher 3 Patch 1.10 Notes

  • Fixes issues whereby New Game + would not start correctly from certain save files
  • Fixes assorted issues with quest and enemy scaling in New Game + mode
  • Introduces multiple improvements in gwent, including option to choose one of three difficulty levels. To set option, go to Options>Game
  • Introduces multiple game balance improvements in New Game + mode
  • Modifies diagram for Enhanced Legendary Wolven Gauntlets, now craftable without Griffin Gauntlets
  • Improves game balance for Katakan monster
  • Improves balance for Death March difficulty
  • Improves in­game information for Card Collector trophy­ adds indicators to show missing cards
  • Removes ability to kill NPCs (including quest NPCs) using Dragon's Dream bomb
  • Fixes issue whereby hostile NPCs could cause Geralt to become locked in combat mode.
  • Fixes issue whereby previously felled NPCs would be resurrected and die again on screen during conversation following combat
  • Introduces multiple fixes and improvements in HUD
  • Decreases chance of unwarranted screen blur occurring during play
  • Fixes visual stutter in animation of Roach (horse)
  • FIxes assorted graphics glitches, including, but not limited to, two instances of Roach appearing simultaneously, NPCs appearing to lack hands, dead bodies flying off after a foe is decapitated, and others
  • Introduces array of minor changes in in­game locations and in presentation of said locations on in­game maps

Glancing back at all of The Witcher 3’s patches I wish I had the patience to wait on definitive or game of the year editions. By now every single one of my, admittedly minor, problems has been ironed out. For those hopping in now it’s probably completely awesome, and fair play to you. As it is, everyone looks to be all tickety-boo, ready to be broken to smithereens by next week’s expansion. It’s dropping on October 13th on all platforms and is a bit of a snip at $10 for around 10 hours worth of content.