I wasn't aware this was happening but the immensely popular ARK: Survival Evolved is going to be getting DirectX 12 support soon. The flavour of the month survival sim has just cruised past the two million mark on copies sold, and getting in there early with DirectX 12 compatibility certainly isn’t going to do it any harm.

Studio Wildcard has been working on DX12 support for ARK: Survival Evolved for sometime now, announcing back in August that the team was getting ready for the update’s release in just a week’s time. That was two months ago and it seems as if Studio Wildcard has hit a snag or two along the way, primarily with driver support from Nvidia and AMD.

After we found out it was heavily dependent on drivers and the hardware vendors progress we slowed our [development] a bit,” wrote Studio Wildcard on the Steam forums. “It’s still being worked on, but we have no plans on releasing it until it at least runs better than the DX11 version. And that is a hard thing to generate an ETA for.

If the team can get it out there soon then it could be the first title available for DX 12 support. Estimations from the studio are that it’s targeting a 20% boost in performance over DirectX 11 with the new graphics API, which isn’t to be sniffed at.

At the moment though it looks as if there's a hold up that could well be out of their hands. While Studio Wildcard hasn't named the hardware vendors specifically, it stands to reason it's waiting on additional driver updates from the big two.