Total War: Warhammer System Requirements Driven By Giant Sky Wizards

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sun, Oct 11, 2015 2:00 PM
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Okay, perhaps that news heading is not exactly true. But the inclusion of giant characters, flying units and magic are the big differentiators between CA's upcoming Warhammer-flavoured Total War outing and their previous mass battle simulators.

We all know that Total War Attila is a beast, even by today's PC hardware standards. If you try to max it out, it will grind, unless you have the most powerful GPU and hardware on the market. So we decided to investigate Total War Warhammer further. If Total War Warhammer follows Attila's requirement trend then there is a fear that even modern PCs released at the end of 2016 would not be able to max out Warhammer Total War. With that in our paranoid minds we arranged to meet up with Creative Assembly to try and get some answers, knowing full well they would be fairly tight lipped.

Richard Aldridge, senior game designer for Total War Warhammer spoke to the Game Debate warboyz at the EuroGamer Expo a few weeks ago. While he mentioned that the aforementioned flying, magic and giants that fill the battlefields with juicy fantastical wonder have required modifications to the Total War engine (as last seen in Total War: Attila back in February), the underlying engine hasn't undergone a dramatic revision since then. So we can probably guess at system requirements that don't differ hugely from those of Atilla.

That said, Atilla had it's super-mega-ultra-supremo graphics mode that was advertised as 'too powerful for modern computers', and Aldridge mentioned coyly that they're "looking at what new tech is out there trying to advance the game", so we may well see this blue-sky graphics mode returning in the new game. But we've also been assured that Creative Assembly are keeping the minimum system requirements to 'where they'll be keeping the current fan base happy'.

All of which is nothing but speculation, of course, but as the game is still pre-alpha, it's likely to be the best that we're likely to get for now. But rest assured, the Game Debate diviners are spinning their magics to get more detail as soon as possible!

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16:31 Oct-11-2015

Come on guys get a new engine this is getting silly.Take Ashes of the Singularity as an example.

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14:38 Oct-11-2015

All I can say is that it is time for CA to start from scratch with a whole new game engine for the Total War games. They still don't properly use multi core processors, & that is why their past couple of games have been hard for people to play smoothly. It isn't the graphics causing the problems, but the way the CPU load is done. Too much of the load goes through CPU core 0 which causes a bottleneck even on some of the most powerful CPUs.

Make a new engine & Medieval 3!


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