Here at Game Debate I’ve been working on all sorts of changes which you’ve hopefully seen show up, but we’ve got loads more in the works, beginning with our brand new video podcast. That’s right, we’re going to be live streaming on Saturday night, having a chat about all the biggest gaming and hardware news. Over the next few weeks we’re inviting special guests and all sorts of people to come and share their wisdom and I’d love all of you to come and join the party.

This week's been a bit of a cracker when it comes to gaming news, so we've got plenty to chat about. We got the Star Wars Battlefront and Fallout 4 systems requirements, the Star Wars beta, and news on the awesome looking Far Cry Primal, not to mention micro transactions and insurance in gaming and the spread of this thing called, E-Sports.

Obviously this is our first go so there might be a few bumps along the way as we find our feet. Please could you guys do what GD is renowned for and offer your support as we get it going? Its meant to be some fun and our live host, Tim, will be feeling his way, while we get to grips with production. And you can offer your support and help and participate via the live chat area attached to the Youtube video channel we have linked below. If Tim needs some help with some GD facts etc then please send a msg via that live chat as i know he would appreciate your support. This is just another way to help bring us all together while giving you some interesting stuff to watch and get involved with. There will also be a few game codes to give away live, for those watching.

So the first ever Game-Debate Weekly News Live will be taking place this Saturday, October 10th at 16:00 BST. That’s 8AM on West Coast US, 11AM East Coast, 8:30PM in India, and 2AM on October 11th for you lot down under.

Fingers crossed and hope you all enjoy it

Game-Debate Weekly News Live