We've created some amazing new features for the GD Chrome Browser extension and today I can share with everyone our latest version, and show off how great they are. Its our next step at making sure we really offer something invaluable for the PC gamer. I can't wait to get it into your hands so you can begin using GD Anywhere, taking it with you on your great journeys across the internet, bringing you powerful performance and system requirements info from any game or hardware page you visit.

If you're one of the unlucky few who hasn't tried the GD Anywhere extension yet, it's a powerful and yet simple tool which compliments your internet browsing experience of anything related to gaming. Its linked directly to our massive PC game system requirements database. Once installed you carry on as normal but when you reach any game/hardware related page on the web, you can select a game which is mentioned from a drop-down list, giving you an on the spot performance analysis so you don't get stuck with a game that will run like a proverbial turd on your gaming rig. Perfect for researching and getting instant feedback wherever you are.

As well as this the system requirement analysis extension can also sync directly with your Game Debate member profile, allowing you to import your current gaming rig quickly and easily. 

GD Chrome Extension 5.4.2

If you're one of the thousands upon thousands of GD'ers who have already given the GD Chrome Extension a download, you may have noticed it's totally disappeared from your browser. From now on you'll have to update it by downloading the latest version from GD, but we'll be sure to keep you up to date on any changes. For a point of reference we've only made one update to the previous extension in a whole year, so it's not going to be a constant nuisance to be kept up to date. Rather it will be like a little present when we notify you that we have added even more great features into this awesome PC gamers must have internet tool.

The GD Chrome Extension is no longer available from the Chrome Store as we're now hosting it ourselves over here or via the button above. You can grab the GD Anywhere Chrome extension and install it yourself really easily.

The current version of the GD Anywhere Chrome Extension is 5.4.3.

Firefox users it's business as usual, just add the GD Extension via the link above

WHATS NEW - GD Anywhere Chrome extension gets added Steam functionality

Ok, so the GD Chrome Extension has under gone a few upgrades. 

First off, there is a Frame Rate Counter embedded seamlessly into Steam. You can see at a glance on a Steam game page, just what sort of frame rates your PC can expect based upon the current system requirements compared to your PC, as well as grab more detailed performance reports or head straight to its GD game page for the latest info.

I've been giving it a test run and it's really neat stuff that integrates smoothly with the whole Steam user experience.


GD Chrome Add-On Steam Page

GD Chrome Add-On Steam Page Performance


There is also a button to the GD Can I Run It tool directly from Steam now as well. Fully integrated down below the Steam system requirements, which should make it easier than ever to check which games will work and which might cause a few problems. From here you can head to a game's GD Game Page as well, where you can connect with the GD community, if you've got any questions about the game or its potential performance. And of course there's always a friendly GD member ready to help anyone out, it's why our community's so awesome.

GD Chrome Add-On Steam Page Can I Run It?

Okay so if you want to install the GD Anywhere extension you've just got to follow the simple installation instructions on the download page. If you've got any questions then don't hesitate to ask and I or somebody else in the GD community will be happy to help you out getting it installed and how to use it.

A side note is that because the new GD Anywhere extension is side-loaded into Chrome, you will get the occasional screen pop up below perhaps after a reboot of your PC. This is for extra security after you've installed the extension, so just click CANCEL and the prompt will disappear.


This update is a sign of what I have planned for GD. We are working towards integrating a great PC gamer experience into GD and wherever else we can think of, that is complimentary to you. Its all about helping the community grow, while bringing us all together around something that we love. Its also about educating each other and giving us the tools to better understand our gaming and hardware choices, through our collective experiences. This saves us money and makes us happier and confident when we make our gaming upgrades.

Using this extension development approach, we will continue developing, with the aim of giving you the ability to check your GD Frame Per Second counter across all gaming related websites. The plan is to also get everyone closer to each others real world experiences, when those shared experiences are relevant to you.

I am so excited about where we are all going with GD and wish I could just have it all done right now. But of course it takes a long time to plan carefully and then build it to meet your high end user level needs. After all "you have to enjoy playing the game, as much as getting to the end".

As always I want your feedback. Please use the discussion area below to help fellow GD members if they are unsure about anything to do with GD Anywhere, how to install it etc. I also want any ideas for future updates to be posted there as well. Because its often through chatting with everyone on GD that our best ideas bubble to the surface. Thanks for taking the time to install and use the latest feature of GD and I am sure you will be very pleased with it.