Every year we celebrate the best of the best in video gaming at the Global Game Awards, but there’s a whole other side to gaming that doesn’t even get a look in. The terrible game. We’ve all handed over a terrifying amount of cash, played a game and realised it must have been created by a bunch of sadists that wanted to drain our precious free time like dastardly fun vampires.

There’s few things more crushingly disappointing than a bad game, particularly one you’re hyped to all hell and back for. The history of gaming is littered with failures. Buggy messes, unfinished designs, and plenty where you could see what the developer was aiming for, but it just wasn’t fun in any way. To take the out and use it as a coaster would be doing your cup of tea a major disservice. 

I’ll kick things off with two of the worst games I’ve ever played. My first one’s a bit controversial but to me it was an abject failure - Assassin’s Creed. The original that is. I struggle to think of a single redeeming feature other than its unique, trend-breaking setting. Beyond that I thought it was repetitive, devoid of character and flat out dull. Luckily for Ubisoft the only way was up, and they went some way to making amends with Assassin’s Creed II.

The second would have to be Blue Estate. That scooped up my lowest score I’ve awarded yet here at GD; a miserable 2.5/10. I should’ve guess when I’d see the poor attempt at humour and bizarre racial stereotyping, but this one was a total dud. An on-rails shooter that failed in every attempt to make shooting fun. When the end can’t come quick enough, you know something’s wrong.

I know there's plenty worse out there in the deepest, darkest depths of Steam, but I haven't been unfortunate enough to play them yet. 

Now it’s over to you, it’s time to let rip. To let the world (or at least GD) know about the most terrible game you’ve ever played. Trust me, it’s quite therapeutic.