Wow, Anno 2205 is a lot more complex than I was expecting. In the city builder’s ‘endless game’ there’ll be a total of twelve different sectors spread over the Temperate Zone, the Arctic Zone and the Lunar Zine.

You choose one to start with but as you advance you can gain access to the rest of the sessions once you’ve gathered enough resources. What’s most intriguing is, as you expand into the 11 additional territories, all of your sectors run concurrently in real-time. So as your Anno 2205 grows massive, you’ll be managing the needs of twelve huge game areas simultaneously across one gigantic, endless game.

The Temperate Zone is where the bulk of the city-building occurs and the citizens live. This looks to be your standard city management fare with a sci-fi twist, balancing technological advances again your city becoming a smog-filled hellhole. The Arctic Zone meanwhile is where the combat happens, battling over limited resources, with small settlements popping up to harvest these. Your Lunar base appears to be the main event for resource gathering though. This barren area with limited oxygen supplies requires shield generators and careful management.

There’s a lot to take in there. Managing cityscapes built across Earth and the Moon, all while trying to hold your own in the combat sectors. Hopefully Anno 2205 has a decent method for keeping you up to date on critical errors, because it’s probably far too easy to focus on a particular area for hours and completely forget managing somewhere else. I struggle to cook pasta while heating a sauce, let alone looking after twelve civilizations.

Anno 2205 is launching on PC on November 3rd, so there’s only a couple of weeks left to wait for this one.