Warhammer Vermintide DLC Will be Paid And Free - Not Microtransactions

Written by Felix Nova on Mon, Oct 26, 2015 12:30 PM
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The fantasy Warhammer setting of Fatshark’s latest title Vermintide is an interesting choice for this coop focused game that released last Friday. We got our hands on this and so far it looks like a good bit of fun. Its kind of like, fantasy Left 4 Dead. With magic and swords and swarms of Skaven (rat men) leaping in to tear your party to pieces.

Fatshark intend to release DLC for Vermintide following a mixed model of free and paid DLC content. With a careful eye on making sure the content does not split the player base. They have also said via a tweet that there wont be any microtransactions coming for the game.

Fatshark seem to always understand their community having released War of The Roses and War of the Vikings over the past few years. Both were very community focused and both played to the strengths of first person melee combat. Topping the Steam charts for most sales over this past weekend, which is their release weekend, shows Fatshark have enjoyed a great start and we can expect Warhammer End Times Vermintide to make good on its promise of interesting DLC over the coming months and year.

There are not many co-op titles about so its certainly nice to see this PC gamer void being filled with Vermintide. Its refreshing to see that the Fatshark development skill has focused on the simplicity of match finding for players as it has in the frantic rat slaying.

We have booted the game up during two separate periods. The first time was pre-release, towards the beginning of last week. This was using the MSI GTX 950 Gaming 2G. It ran fine during the pre-release beta period. However over this this weekend and even this morning, we tried running the released version of Vermintide on the GTX 970, but unfortunately it didnt work and just black screen crashed to desktop. We will be exploring this bug further and let you know whats going on here.

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12:35 Oct-26-2015

Running this on my laptop, no fps change on lowest, low or medium graphics quality.
Need better optimization.
Not sure, but it seems like it sometimes runs better in Windowed mode.. not sure about this, very confusing.
Still recommending this game, quite fun with friends and also very hard.


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| 30FPS, Low, 1080p
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