Just Cause 3 is a massive game. Like, real big. The fictional island of Medici is more than 400 square miles of sprawling terrain, ready to be wingsuited over, driven through and blown up. It’s one of the largest open worlds ever made, putting The Witcher 3’s already impressive 52 square miles to shame. Putting my maths hat on for a moment, that equates to roughly 1036 square kilometres.

Based on the full map revealed below though, to call it just an island would be doing it a diservice. Just Cause 3’s Mediterranean island of Medici is a full-blown archipelago, with an entire nest of islands waiting to be explored beyond the confines of the mainland. It’s a pyrotechnics playground, covering sleepy towns, buzzing military bases and dangerous mountain wilderness.

As you can see there's absolutely stacks to uncover here. We had a 20-minute session on Just Cause 3 recently, and getting around even one of the smaller islands takes quite a bit of team. There's not many open-worlds that hold a candle up to scale and level of detail Avalanche Studios has achieved with Just Cause 3. Now we've just to hope it's full of fun and worthwhile things to do.

Just Cause 3 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 1st.