A movie based on the The Witcher has been announced, slated to arrive in 2017 from American production studio The Sean Daniel Company, producers of The Mummy series. That particular franchise ranged from good to terrible so it’s difficult to predict just how this one will turn out, but Polish company Platige Films is at least lending a helping hand. They created The Witcher 3's The Chase trailer so they've got some previous.

The Witcher seems like the perfect candidate for movie material, provided they can keep its running time to about 1/100th that of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s going to be based on the original novels by Andrzej Sapkowski so it’s not in fact going to have anything to do with CD Projekt RED and its game, but will instead tie into the works of the author.

As you’d expect the movie is going to star Geralt of Rivia, and will be loosely based on a number of short stories by Sapkowski, based on The Witcher and Lesser Evil from his The Last Wish collection. All things going well, it’s expected this movie will be the first in a series, no doubt depending on how well it does at the box office. If it’s success is anything like The Witcher then that’s almost a foregone conclusion.

It’s early days for The Witcher movie yet so there’s no news on casting details. I’m not sure if Felix’s request to be Geralt has got lost in the post. Who do you think could take on some The Witcher’s famous roles? My money’s on Liam Neeson for big man himself.