Ubisoft has detailed how ranked play and levelling up will work in Rainbow Six Siege, and it sounds fantastic for those who want a challenge. Ranked matches in Rainbow Six Siege will be based on a hardcore rule-set, which sounds great for those tired of the normal Team Deathmatch formula we're treated to these days.

That means no Death Replays and an absolutely minimal HUD. How minimal? Well, there will be no score, grenade, threat, or reload indicators, no highlights on team and no kill confirmation whatsoever when you down a foe. You’re going to have to keep your wits about you to know what’s going on in any given session then, with no kill confirm in particular opening the door to all sorts of antics.

Elsewhere Ubisoft also confirmed custom matches will be supported by dedicated and private servers. There’s no word on what sort of tweaks you can make to your custom matches but we do know they are limited to 5 v 5 regardless.

Lastly matchmaking has been improved following the recent Closed Beta for Rainbow Six Siege, with “very significant improvements in matchmaking times, while preserving Ubisoft’s core values of matching players based on (not sorted by priority) their skill, account level, network performance and geographical location.

It looks as if Ubisoft is looking to take Rainbow Six Siege very seriously as a competitive game. Ranked play in particular looks more hardcore than just about any other fast-paced squad shooter out there, ticking all the boxes for competitive online play. However, it remains to be seen whether this proves deeply involving or just plain frustrating for pick up and play fun.

Ubisoft plans on launching Rainbow Six Siege on December 1st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the meantime check out the official Rainbow Six Siege system requirements which have just been released.