The trusty old GeForce GTX 750 Ti has been rocking its wares for over eighteen months now. Released as a budget addition to Nvidia’s 700-series, it was a GTX 900 graphics card in all but name, rocking a Maxwell GPU that still provides it with some of the greatest energy efficiency around.

At the time of its launch it was more than capable of matching, and usually surpassing, the current-gen consoles blow for blow. Plenty of time has passed since then, so how does the GTX 750 Ti stack up to the gaming world’s latest and greatest - Fallout 4. We’re putting Nvidia’s sub-$100 to the test, tasking it with churning out Bethesda’s sprawling RPG at 1080. If you’re one of the millions with a GTX 750 Ti still worrying whether Fallout 4’s going to run well on your rig, here’s the results…

So for these benchmarks we paired the GTX 750 Ti with an AMD FX-4100 processor and 4GB RAM. That’s half the memory Bethesda tout as a minimum for Fallout 4, so this should give us a good insight into how that fares also.

As per usual for our 750 Ti benchmarks, we’ll be running through various sections of Fallout 4 taking averaging frame rates at 720p, 900p and 1080p, at each of the included graphical presets.

Fallout 4 Benchmarks GeForce GTX 750 Ti, 4GB RAM And AMD FX-4100

While we can’t tell for sure if the limited system memory had an effect on performance, we can at least see it didn’t have a huge impact. The GeForce GTX 750 Ti is pulling in some impressive numbers here, and it’s still managing to eclipse console performance after all this time. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are 1080p/30 FPS High equivalent, with occasional dips. Like-for-like the 750 Ti just about shades it, averaging 33 frames per second on the same settings.

The Ultra 1080p setting came in below 30 and wasn’t really worth bothering with, the frame rate just wasn’t consistent enough. Aside from this Fallout 4 was plenty playable enough on all the other graphical presets and resolutions, so you can be very confident of getting a good playing game out of the 750 Ti. There were occasional dips in built up areas which may be enough to tempt you to drop to 900p or Medium, but for the majority of the time it maintained the frame rate well.

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