Ubisoft has released details of the season pass coming to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and on first impressions it definitely ranks up there as one of the worst season pass buys ever. As you might already know, Ubisoft is releasing the additional maps and operators for ‘free’ throughout the year, but they’ll need be bought using either R6 Credits, paid for using real cash, or Renown, which can be earned through normal play.

So with no actual content left to give you, the £23.99 / $29.99(!) Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass provides a year-long premium membership that allows you to access the new content a week early, as well as a permanent experience gain boost so you can unlock said content quicker. This is joined by a bunch of exclusive weapon skins.

Okay so the full list of what’s included in the Season Pass is:

  • Access to the eight post-launch operators one week early. They’ll still need to be bought using Renown.
  • A permanent 5% Renown boost, which should help you save up for extra unlockable content quicker.
  • The Season Pass Porter weapon skin.
  • Five weapon skins for the Safari Bundle.
  • Two extra daily challenges, which can be completed to earn Renown.
  • 600 Rainbow 6 Credits which can be used on micro-transactions such as exclusive weapon skins and XP boosters.

£24. That seems like a lot of money. That would pay for 60% of a copy of Fallout 4 on Steam. It’s familiar territory for Ubisoft however, it seems to have a soft spot for pay-to-skip contet DLC that we’ve already seen with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. In honesty the 5% Renown boost seems a little measly. I was expecting at least 50%, so there’s barely a noticeable gain here. Ubisoft said it would take 25 hours play to save up for a single operator. With this Renown boost it would still take 23 hours 45 minutes. Hardly seems worth the bother. 

So then, any of you think it's worth half the cost of the game again to get access to this 'exclusive' content for Rainbow Six Siege? Do you think it's a good deal considering the free maps and operators?


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