As you’d expect from just about every Ubisoft-published title these days, Rainbow Six Siege is coming with a bevy of Nvidia GameWorks features, shown off in a new trailer. I don’t think I’d necessarily call Rainbow Six Siege a winner in the looks department, but if you want the usual glut of PC exclusive graphical features then Nvidia is obliging.

It’s definitely better when they have all-new features to tell us about, but here in R6 Siege it’s pretty much the same deal we’ve seen for the last few years, with HBAO+ and TXAA adding an extra shine to proceedings. The former adds richer, more detailed shadows, while the latter is custom form of anti-aliasing combined with a temporal filter, providing what Nvidia reckons is the highest quality possible.

Rainbow Six Siege certainly looks as if it’s got some potential, but we’ve yet to seen an online game really take off and form a thriving community on Uplay. For most PC gamers it seems as if Ubisoft’s game client is a step too far, so it’s definitely got its work cut out.

If you want to try before you buy then the Rainbow Six Siege beta begins today at 3PM GMT on all platforms, running through until Sunday, 29th November. It comes with three maps, three game modes and 14 operators, so there’s plenty in there to get busy with.

Following that the full game's out on December 1st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but unfortunately it doesn't look as if your beta progress will carry over.