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We had thought Rocksteady was done with patching Batman: Arkham Knight, but it turns out that’s not the case. A brand new update has just rolled out on Steam for the PC version, fixing a number of high priority issues including VRAM usage and framerate hitches.

Initial reports suggests some people are seeing some fairly decent performance improvements here, particular those using Windows 7 or 8. It seems some users are still having problems when playing Batman: Arkham Knight on Windows 10, with 12GB RAM still needed to prevent instances of hitching.

  • Fixed a hitch during some game saves
  • Fixed a Windows 10 issue causing the game to be unresponsive on launch when the keyboard language was set to Japanese, Japanese Microsoft IME, Korean, Chinese (Traditional) or Chinese (Simplified)
  • Fixed a problem keyboard and mouse users were having when aiming a gadget.
  • Fixed a bug causing Batman: Arkham Knight’s cut-scenes to play at half the monitor’s refresh rate on some systems
  • Fixed players sometimes not being able to counter the Mini-Gun Brute after being spotted when playing as Nightwing or Batman
  • Fixed a performance drop that occurred when encountering Man-Bat for the first time
  • Fixed some issues players with multiple monitors were experiencing.
  • Some improvements to mouse and keyboard bindings
  • Improved graphics card VRAM management to reduce frame rate hitches
  • Stability improvements for rare crash issues
  • Fixed an issue which was causing certain types of lights & shadows to render incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue causing the game process to occasionally remain running in the background for a period of time, after you have shut down Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • Fixed the Knightfall Protocol not being able to activate under certain conditions
  • Fixed a progression blocker that could occur in Stagg Airships when leaving the predator room after only knocking out one of the guards
  • Fixed damage states for Batman’s V8.03 skin in Story Mode after selecting an alternate skin for AR Challenges
  • Fixed missing rain effects on several Batman skins (fix for 1970s and Arkham Origins skins coming soon)
  • Added support for the new DLC which released on November 24th. This includes a Batman v Superman Batmobile and Batsuit, two new Arkham Episodes, and two new AR challenge maps.
  • You can now play as characters other than Batman in AR Predator challenges

Despite the fact we’ll never be getting be getting multi-GPU support, it does at least appear as if Rocksteady still has plans to continually update the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight going forward. It’s by no means a well optimised port, but at least it’s getting to a playable state at decent resolutions for some people.