This is the big one, Ladies and Gentlemen Gamers, the Game-Debate Global Game Awards 2015 Game Of The Year announcement. Included in this article is our darling award, the Best Indie Game winner of 2015. Which helps people know which 2015 indie title really should be getting your attention.

And finally we also now know what everyone has been looking forward to for 2016, as we announce the Most Anticipated Game of 2016. And let me tell you, the result surprised me. This year's Global Game Awards ceremony saw a staggering amount of gamers visit and submit their votes, making it our most viewed industry competition to date. We stopped the Awards activity counter yesterday which displays 6,088,193 award views. That's off the charts, practically doubling last year's Global Game Awards views, and our database is groaning under the data. Nominees across the board got behind the much sought after Awards on offer, making it a brilliant, fun, and fiercely contested battle.

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Don't forget, a Game-Debate Global Game Award from 2015 isn't just for Christmas - these accolades will last as long as the internet, helping the hard working geniuses behind these ground-breaking game experiences get recognised for their exceptional products, until society collapses.

And now without further ado, the Global Game Award 2015 Game Of The Year, Best Indie Game of 2015 and the Most Anticipated Game of 2016 Category winners are as follows:

GAME OF THE YEAR 2015 - The Witcher 3

Now let's just think about that shall we? It beat some big games, one of them being among the biggest games ever, Grand Theft Auto 5, which was out on PC this year. It also beat the just released juggernaut, Fallout 4, which was bathing in launch hype as we voted. That's an amazing result. I for one think The Witcher 3 is a work of brilliance and well deserving of this great accolade. A huge congratulations to CD Projekt Red and a massive thank you to them for delivering on all the expectations gamers had for their game. A perfect swan song to The Witcher series, although I don't think that will be the last we see of that side of the CD Projekt Red franchise.

Next we have the incredible, Best Indie Game of 2015

BEST INDIE 2015 - Rocket League

As with most indie titles, Rocket League shot out of no where. Taking the popularity of gaming, football and cars and smooshing them together into some weirdly accessible version of car football. One that's easy to pick up but incredibly tricky to master. This game feels like a major dev built it and pushed the multiplier to another fun level. But instead it was a small dev studio known as Psyonix behind it, founded in 2000.

Congratulations Rocket League, and thank you for giving gamers millions of hours of online fun.

Now this next one caught me by surprise. We are looking at the Most Anticipated Game of 2016. Normally the hype of a game coming out sooner leads to it getting more anticipation and therefore skews the votes of this particular Award in its favour. The winner is not coming out until at least the end of next year and we figured would therefore not be on everyone's radar now as much as it obviously is.

MOST ANTICIPATED GAME OF 2016 - Mass Effect: Andromeda

Congratulation to Mass Effect Andromeda for nabbing this and pushing our gaming imaginations back into their wonderful sci-fi universe. It definitely is time for the next Mass Effect and the previous ME series  has already slid into gaming legend. i have little doubt that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be a big hitting sci-fi insta-classic, and one that will wend the gamer throughout a living breathing galaxy of well realised aliens and space ships.

Obviously I am a little upset by this and think you are all entirely wrong, having missed my favourite and the completely obvious real winner, Total War Warhammer. Sob, how could you let it come in 8th? But really though, I see that result as a definite mark towards the awesomeness of next year's incredible game line-up, and who knows what other sneaky gaming treats might be announced between now and the end of 2016. I am certainly excited to see. Assuming I can tear myself away from Total Warhammer come April 28th, that is.

Well that concludes a brilliant year of awards and gaming right? Nope, we still have a tonne of games coming out over the next few months, starting with Just Cause 3 in a matter of days.

During these 2015 Game Awards, the social media channels have been alight with your opinions, from which games have been identified as the best of the best of 2015. And so finally I want to thank you guys on GD, who spread the word about these awesome awards via social media channels and voted on your favourites throughout the game and hardware industry. I would say that with more than 6 million Global Game Award 2015 views, that happened over a couple of weeks, that this year's Awards have been a complete success for gamers across the world. Until next time, Felix.