GD’er Rayyan51 contacted me today saying that he’d been having problems with his Radeon R7 250X since installing the latest Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers. AMD’s massive driver overhaul arrived earlier this week, packing in all sorts of benefits and performance boosts. For Rayyan51 though, it just caused issues.

The Crimson Driver software was adjusting the GPU fan speed down to 30%, whatever the demands of the game. He turned it to auto but again it reset to 30% following a complete reboot. So I did a little bit of digging and it turns out Rayyan51 isn’t alone. There’s plenty of other people experiencing similar problems. Lowering the fan speed can have a serious impact on a graphics card’s heat dissipation, which can cause damage to your rig in the long run.

On Reddit it looks as if the problem isn’t just with the 250X either. A wide range of people are experience the bug, which lowers the GPU fan speed down to around 30% of its maximum.

I have this issue in which everytime I start a new game the fan speed sets itself to manual so I have to alt tab and adjust it, kinda sucks,” says Reddit user shackerztv.

Most people are noticing the problem when the performance of their Radeon graphics cards is throttled. MetalGearReddit said they “Had exactly the same thing keep happening to me yesterday. Realised when the card went north of 100c and throttled itself down. I find it keeps setting itself to manual regardless of the global, or per game setting. But worrying!

If you don’t want to cause any damage to your graphics card then you’ve got a couple of options here. Firstly, you could manually change the fan speed settings every time you boot and quit out of a game. The other option, and the one I’d have to recommend, is that you roll back to the previous 15.11.1 Catalyst drivers. There's a driver cleaner tool included with Crimson so just run that first. The general consensus is that this reverts fan speed back to normal. Then it’s just a case of waiting for a fix from AMD.

Have any of you been experiencing fan speed problems since installing the Crimson Software? Let us know if you've had any issues!