Ubisoft is ready to breach and clear your home next week with the launch of Rainbow Six Siege. It’s a bit sad because it marks the end of the holiday season gaming rush, but fingers crossed its multiplayer shooter ends up hitting the target. They ran into some trouble yesterday and had to postpone the beta test, but it's live again now so you can give it go ahead of live. 

In time honoured fashion, the usual formula rings true. Ubisoft + Game Launch = Dramatic Launch Trailer. Their trailer editor must work their arse off this time of year. Just so you know it’s a huge deal that you can raid a bunch of houses next week, Ubisoft’s done a Shakespearean voice-over for full, stirring effect.

I had a quick session on this last night. On PS4 I must confess, because I wanted to play with a mate, but I came away quietly impressed. I’m not really understanding the cries that it’s not a proper Rainbow Six game. Siege certainly felt like one to me, with tactical nous favoured over lightning quick reactions.

However, levels don’t appear to be as destructible as we’d been led to believe, with destroyable items restricted to certain marked areas. As I said I haven’t put much time in yet, so I could be wrong on that account.

Rainbow Six Siege is out on December 1st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

What have you thought of the beta test? Could it be your next go-to MP shooter?